Winchester Rifle & Pistol Brass


Shellcases for handguns and rifles are engineered to precise tolerances to ensure smooth-feeding and positive chambering. Winchester carries unprimed rifle shellcases and both primed and unprimed handgun shellcases.

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Winchester Pistol & Rifle Brass

204 Ruger(100ct), 22Hornet (100ct), 222 Rem (100ct), 223 Rem (100ct), 22-250 Rem (100ct), 243 Win (50ct), 6mm Rem (50ct), 25-20 Win (50ct), 257 Roberts (50ct), 6.5x55mm (50ct), 264 Win Mag. (50ct), 270 Win (50ct), 270 WSM (50ct), 7mm Mauser (50ct), 7mm-08 Rem (50ct), 7mm WSM (50ct), 7mm Rem Mag. (50ct), 280 Rem (50ct), 284 Win (50ct), 30-30 Win (50ct), 300 Savage (50ct), 308 Win (50ct), 30-06 Sprg. (50ct), 300 WSM (50ct), 300 Win Mag. (50ct), 303 British (50ct), 32-20win (50ct), 32-40 Win (50ct), 8MM Mause (50ct), 325 WSM (50ct), 338 Win Mag (50ct), 338 Lapua Mag. (20ct), 38 Special (100ct), 357mag (100ct), 356 Win (50ct), 375 Win (50ct), 38-55 Win (50ct), 40S&W (100ct), 41 Rem Mag. (100ct), 44-40 Win (100ct), 44 Rem Mag (100ct), 45 Long Colt (100ct), 45-70 Gov (50ct), 32 Win Spl. (50ct)


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