9mm / .355 dia. Pistol Bullets


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Hornady 90gr XTP (100ct), Hornady 100gr FMJ (3500ct), Hornady 115gr HAP (500ct), Hornady 115gr. HAP (3000ct), Hornady 115gr FMJ-RN (100ct), Hornady 115gr FMJ-RN (500ct), Hornady 115gr. FMJ-RN (3000ct), Hornady 115gr XTP (100ct), BDX 124gr FMJ-RN (1000ct), Hornady 124gr FMJ-RN (2900ct), Hornady 124gr XTP (100ct), Speer 124gr TMJ-RN (100ct), Nosler 124gr JHP (250ct), Hornady 125gr HAP .356 dia. (500ct), Hornady 125gr. HAP .356 dia. (3000ct), Hornady 147gr. FMJ-RN (2500ct), Hornady 147gr XTP (100ct)


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